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We use AI to give you 


End-to-end AI solutions

Our end-to-end scoping and development service covers any or all of the following, depending on the maturity of your AI ambitions:

  • Identifying opportunities for your business to best benefit from the use of AI.

  • Developing proof-of-concept solutions to ascertain feasibility and  demonstrate value.

  • Creating fully-functional prototype systems to allow you to start realizing return on your investment.

  • Working with Software and IT professionals to help integrate with existing systems, meet regulatory requirements, and do everything you need to serve your customers at scale.

Technical and Human Due Diligence 

We pride ourselves in our rigour. Whether or not you use our development services, we want to help maximize the success of your AI projects. We can do this by:

  • Screening and interviewing potential AI hires.

  • Providing relevant training to existing in-house personnel, whatever their background.

  • Dispassionately evaluating AI solutions proposed by third parties; drawing your attention to strengths, weaknesses, potential pitfalls and hidden opportunities.

  • Creating and reviewing technical content, infographics, and executive summaries to help you communicate clearly and correctly with key stakeholders at every stage.

Artificial Intelligence is turning a corner, with machines now able to make better judgements than human experts in many domains, and at much greater scale.
We are subjective, a small consortium of top-flight AI professionals.

Our passion is to help
small-to-medium sized businesses compete in an emerging landscape increasingly dominated by a handful of AI giants.

domain expertise spans finance, retail, healthcare and the natural environment, and our technical specialisms include deep learning, timeseries forecasting, and natural language processing.

Contact us directly, or using the form here, to find out how we can help you to realize the potential of your data.

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